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District 1-BK 2023-2024 Scholarship Program Info

Lions All,


It is that time of year to deliver our District Scholarship information to the local high schools. 


Each year, District 1-BK offers undergraduate scholarships for students entering, or in the process of completing, a degree which leads to working in the field of special education, including, but not limited to education of children with vision and/or hearing impairment(s). Students pursuing a degree in the medical fields of vision or audiology will also be considered.  The Scholarship is $750.00 per year.


Attached to this email is information for the Club Presidents, the School Administration, and the application for the students.  All of this information was mailed to the Club Presidents on January 22nd. The same information is posted at our District website.


Please make copies of the information for the School Administration and the application and take them to your local high schools. 


Currently there are four students in the program for the 2022 - 23 school year: 2 seniors in program - Emily Luming and Lily Zoph – both from New Lenox / 1 junior - Kadyn Stevens from Watseka / 1 freshman - Peyton Leonard from Gibson City.


The number of new scholarships being awarded for the 2023 - 2024 class term is determined by the amount of donations received from all District Clubs.  Currently, we are unable to announce the number of new Scholarships.  Your Club is encouraged to send a donation to help the committee in making that determination.  Make your donations payable to: District 1-BK Scholarship and mail them to PDG Glenn Combs, 1084 Union Street, Marseilles, IL. 61341.


Students entering the field of special education share the values of Lionism, reaching out to those in need.  The Scholarship Program only works if your Club makes the effort to present the program to your local High Schools.


Yours in Service,


Lion John Joseph Honiotes

PDG / 1-BK Scholarship Chair




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